About OnTapKC

We Like Beer.

If beer had a Facebook page, we would "Friend Request" them faster than your cousin’s friend who knows a guy who’s friends with Glenn Danzig.

But what if beer really did have a Facebook? What if beer could tell you where it was, and what it was up to? But without posting 80 pictures of what it was cooking for dinner?

That's what OnTapKC set out to do: Tell you what beer is up to, and where it's hanging out (because it never answers its texts, anymore). If you have something you like, we want to help you find it, and help you help others find it.

But this isn't for people who like just any beer....

This is for people who want to drink something different. OnTapKC isn't only operated by people just like you. It literally cannot function without you. Our drinkers make it possible for us to map out the craft beer scene in Kansas City, and let everyone try something new. For that we are tremendously grateful.

So sign up, start collecting bottlecaps, and help us help you get the word out about craft beer in Kansas City.